Walk Talk Therapy

Walk Talk Therapy is just like it sounds—Instead of sitting face to face in a traditional therapy room, the session takes place outdoors walking side by side.

It is a session in motion, it is different than a traditional indoor session. If you have felt stuck in therapy in the past, being physically active helps release some tensions and stimulates new thoughts and ideas. It is a metaphor for moving forward.
During a walk and talk therapy session, you lead the pace just like in a traditional session. Yet the dynamic is fairly different. You and me are on the same foot, literally. Walking side by side can be much less intimidating and helps release inhibition if you’re apprehensive about being alone in a room with a therapist looking directly at you.

Some clients say that Walk Talk Therapy is a more relaxed for them. Others state that it is a great way to jump start or support a outdoor routine or active lifestyle.

Walking while sharing your struggles and life situations can also be meditative. Walk Talk Therapy encourages healthy activity for adults and teens.

Here are several reasons why Walk Talk Therapy is a great approach.

1. Walk Talk Therapy gets clients moving—both literally and figuratively.

2. Walk Talk Therapy is conducted outdoors, being in nature can be meditative and grounding.

3. Walk Talk Therapy is an excellent choice for clients with several different kinds of issues. Clients who are going through a life transition, have anxiety,
are experiencing some kind of loss or grief, as well as other challenges tend to do very well with Walk Talk Therapy.

4. You set the pace of the session. If you prefer a meditative, relaxing session of walking or a more active, fast-paced session,
Walk Talk Therapy will match your pace.

5. Research studies have shown that physical activity can enhance the mental and physical health of clients. Physical activity has also been shown to reduce levels of depression and anxiety and can help to prevent depressive symptoms.

How about the weather?

Alternative Therapies in Vancouver

Usually, the first session takes place at my office where you agree on what you do if the weather is bad. I am not deterred by a few drops of rain, but it is your call.

Walk and talk therapy is also particularly helpful for people feeling they are trapped in a life or roles that don’t fit them anymore. Being outdoors and talking about their issues enhances the renewal of a sense of freedom. Walking helps increase the blood flow to the brain, and new ideas to tackle our issues are more likely to come up.
I help my clients to reconnect themselves and live a better life.

Do You Need To Connect More?

If you are you struggling connecting with others,
Social + therapy will help you.
Examples of Social + therapy and human connection are things such as the below:
1. You are in the moment.
2. You are being yourself.
3. You feel open.
4. You feel empathy and kindness.
5. A sense of trust exists between you others
Social + Therapy the session takes place out of my office.
Example: market place, coffee place, food court, or any other place where you are surrounded by people, Social + therapy help my clients to connect and socialize.
Find you can’t connect with anyone at all ?
That others constantly find you think in act in ways that are different or strange?
Or even find you just don’t even want to connect, and can’t comprehend why others do?
Than try Social + Therapy and reconnect yourself with the world and live a better life.

Social + therapy help you to face and cope effectively.

I Help my clients to reconnect themselves and live a better life.

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