Social + therapy — the session takes place out of my office.

Example: market place, coffee place, food court, or any other place where you are surrounded by people, Social + therapy help my clients to connect and socialize with other people.

” Find you can’t connect with anyone at all, not even your family? That you’ve had this problem since at least young adulthood? That others constantly find you think in act in ways that are ‘different’ or ‘strange’? Or even find you just don’t even want to connect, and can’t comprehend why others do?” Than try Social + Therapy and reconnect yourself with the world and live a better life.

If you are you struggling connecting with others, Social + therapy will help you.

Examples of Social + therapy and human connection are things such as the below:

1. You are in the moment.
2. You are being yourself.
3. You feel open.
4. You feel empathy and kindness.
5. A sense of trust exists between you others

Psychological problems that cause difficulty connecting with others.

There are several, including:


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