At  the International Healing Clinic  We take our work with our clients very seriously indeed, ​we provide high quality, effective alternative therapies that gives extraordinary outcomes for you, your family or friends, we also ensure a safe, highly confidential, comfortable and professional environment.

Our job consists of changing mind patterns, from unwanted negative Patterns, into ones that support and uphold a person emotionally, mentally and physically.

We love helping our clients through the art of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, HBMD, Quantum, NLP, CBTV and Walk Talk Therapy –  guiding them through change in an empowering and positive way.

We use a unique blended approach providing powerful and dynamic session, to overcome problems by harnessing the power of the subconscious mind, bypassing the critical thinking and the critical mind, in order to remove blocks that are stopping his clients to achieve their goals and be successful.

Now is your time for the good big change.


We look forward to the opportunity to work with you on your new path to live a better life. now is your time for the good big change.

In the year 2019 International Healing Clinic was selected from over 4,000 major companies around the world to receive an honorable Global Award for my service in the field of Natural Therapies. From over 4,000 companies from around the globe, only 60 companies were selected by a judging panel for the service that they provide. The conference was attended in Chicago (USA) by an audience of 500+ CEO’s, Investors, Government Ministers and Ambassadors from 28 countries.

International Healing Clinic was also selected from “The Talks”(a scientific organization) for the psychiatrist conference, and for the 2020 “Global Wellness Summit” in Tel Aviv as a delegate, to speck about our effective work sessions, just to mention a few…

Live a Better Life


We help people in need

At the International Healing Clinic we also believe to give back to the society providing free sessions to those in need and that don’t have the resources.




We support the society with our contribution in order to build a better world one community at a time, because a strong community with a healthy mind means a safer place for you and for those around you.