Alternative Therapies- Top Tips to Help Depression

Alternative Therapies- Top Tips to Help Depression

Do you want help for depression? So many clients come to me with feelings of emptiness, numbness or fogginess. A lack of motivation, a feeling of being lost and reduced happiness when doing things that you previously enjoyed – these are all signs of depression and shouldn’t be ignored.
The odd bout of feeling low is something we all go through from time to time. But sometimes the feeling simply doesn’t go away. That is called depression. For those who suffer with depression, life can be become a daily grind that appears to have no end. Depression is an illness which affects millions of people so if you’re suffering you are definitely not alone. No matter the severity or causes of your depression it’s worth seeking help before things get harder. Don’t endure when you can enjoy again.

Depression and low mood has a huge variety of presentations and severities. It’s worth saying that the tips below may not work for everyone. Some people will find them helpful in combatting their symptoms, others may not and may prefer to seek professional help straight away. You know yourself best. Please do seek help if you need it.

Symptoms of Depression
Typical symptoms include a lack of interest in anything, low self-esteem, irritability and no motivation. These are just a few of the symptoms typically displayed by depression sufferers.

The question that many ask is, are there ways of relieving my depression, without resorting to prescription medication? What are the natural treatments for depression?

Below are a few of the top tips to help with your depression…

1) What’s causing your feelings?
Firstly, depression can be triggered by stress related problems such as financial or work related issues. Once you have realised what is causing your depression, then make a positive plan with small individual steps towards solving it.

2) Developing interests
Secondly, one of the primary reasons for depression is quite simply boredom. Cultivate and develop new interests, whether this involves joining a new Salsa class or simply joining a gym. The key is to create a positive mental attitude by engaging in an interest which motivates you.

3) Being realistic
Many people become depressed when they feel that they have failed at achieving their goals in life. The key here is taking stock of the situation and adjusting your goals so they are more achievable. Break large goals into smaller steps and reward yourself for each step achieved.

4) Eat, sleep and exercise well
If you can muster the motivation to cook some fresh food and do a little exercise it will be good for you.

5) Change your environment
Try getting outside and enjoying nature if you can. Even the smallest changes to your space can make a big difference. A tidy of your desk, some new art on the walls or a new pot plant perhaps?

6) Look outside yourself
Sometimes when we become too focused on ourselves or our troubles we can start to spiral. Many people find it helpful to take a look outside themselves. Find other people who understand your situation and may be able to support. Open yourself up to other people’s experiences and troubles. Many other people may be struggling with similar or worse things. A lot of people find it helps them feel better when they concentrate on helping other people, taking on a new volunteering role for example.

7) Curb negativity spirals
When a person suffers with depression they tend to get stuck in negativity spirals. The more they focus on their troubles the worse they seem and the less energized they become. There are ways that you can snap yourself out of this spiral. Even a small amount of perspective can give you a brief restbite to catch your breath or a moment to practice some much needed self care.

8) Don’t turn to bad habits
Often people come to me for help with drinking problems or other bad habits or addictions without fully realizing that depression is the cause. If you can, avoid turning to coping mechanisms like this as they only make things worse.

9) Change behavior
Try and take a look at your behavior patterns. Are there any that are unhelpful or damaging? Sometimes we get stuck in patterns that we can’t change. An outside perspective may help.

Hypnotherapy for Depression
If you feel like you need immediate help with depression you can visit your GP, contact the Samaritans or call 111.

If you’d like to try something else, hypnotherapy is helpful for those suffering from depression. Clinical trials have shown it is an effective drug free treatment. In addition, a qualified hypnotherapist will be able to help you deal with your issues and work on an individual treatment plan.

Depression is no longer a condition which goes untreated. In modern society, we are far more aware of depression and its related issues. The key to successful treatment is choosing the most effective therapy.

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