Alternative Therapies- A Life Worth Living, Mind Food

Alternative Therapies- A Life Worth Living, Mind Food

I can’t tell you, how many times I say to someone - “you are okay”, “there is nothing ‘wrong’ with you”.

You body or your mind (or both) are reacting the way they are because something happened to you.

You may not know what that is. But often you have an idea. You have pushed it away, deep down because you had too.

You may have experienced loss at an early age.

You may have experienced rejection from someone who was supposed to love you.

You may have experienced fear, abandonment, death, grief.

All these experiences change us somehow. They cause a belief to occur. Often a false belief ‘I am unlovable’, ‘I must always be good to be accepted’, ‘I musn’t show emotions’. And we go on for the rest of our lives carrying this belief because at one stage, many years ago, it served us well.

And then one day we are an adult and we can’t figure out why we struggle when we are alone. Or why we are such people pleasers. Or why when we are rejected even slightly, we fall like a tons of bricks. We get triggered. Our child - our little me - who we have carried with us all this time - is still there, feeling afraid, lost, rejected.

But guess what?

We are no longer that little one. We are now an adult. We can take care, accept and love ourselves just the way we are. We can provide love, shelter, support for our very own selves. We can heal our own wounds and nurture our own souls. We are no longer dependent on others for protection - we are whole.

So take the little mini me, hold her/him by the hand. Let him/her know that actually, it’s okay. You have got this! YOU’RE OKAY. There is nothing wrong. It’s just an old belief that no longer serves you.

Break the shackles of the mis-belief.

You are good, whole and loved, just the way you are. You are okay.

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