Anxiety and hypnotherapy in uncertain times

Anxiety and hypnotherapy in uncertain times

You now need more support for your mental wellbeing than ever before.
Let’s face it. Times are uncertain. Nobody knows what tomorrow brings… We never really knew that but we had a sense. And now everything changing all the time.
Hence you need to be able to cope. Fee like you are coping.
And your unconscious processes are freaking out. Did you know that hypnotherapy for anxiety is the most effective way to return to your senses?
All this Covid-19 anxiety / Corona anxiety is wearing down your immune system.

With hypnotherapy you can quickly feel that you are coping again.

The way I work with online hypnotherapy sessions is simple:

A) You are used to going into a trance in front of a screen every single day anyway. So that bit is easy. We set up a zoom call and work out what needs to happen for you to feel calmer, more confident and capable of coping. And of course we use trance states and hypnotherapy.

B) I can’t change your situation but I can help you feel far more resourceful, able to cope, able to get on with it than what you feel like now.

C) If you want to feel better call DHP. Lazzaro Pisu

For help:
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