Soul Retrieval- a return to wholeness:

Soul retrieval sounds quite scary doesn’t it? But soul retrieval isn’t scary at all, its an essential part of the healing process. We need soul retrieval because something called soul loss can occur when we experience trauma, shock or if we have an accident. Again this sounds concerning but it is important to remember that soul loss is actually a protection mechanism. This is because the soul – or our spirit that inhabits our physical body if that is easier to understand – is delicate. When discussing soul loss and soul retrieval with clients I often use the example of an orange. Your body is the skin of the orange, it contains the soul, which are the juicy segments inside the orange skin. Imagine the segments are full of personality, energy and provide us with the ‘juice’ or the enthusiasm for life. When we experience a trauma or a shock, imagine that some of the segments are shocked out of the body, or the orange skin. These segments of soul….’soul parts’ return to the safety of the earth as protection. Please note this is not a horrible, hellish place, but a safe warm place. We can often read about incidents of soul loss in the newspaper, people will make comments like, ‘When she died it was like a part of me died too,’ or ‘I witness the attack as if I was outside of my own body, viewing what was happening to me from above,’ or, ‘I feel lost,’ “I’m constantly searching for something but can never find it.’ These comments all indicate soul loss has occurred. So, the soul parts leave for protection, not only for the soul itself, but also for the protection of the person. For example, using the example of someone that has been violently attacked, this will be highly traumatic for them, so when the soul parts leave the person is often ‘numbed,’ so that they can better cope with what happened to them.

The difficulty is that in order to fully heal from the incident or shock, the soul parts need Soul Retrieval- a return to wholenessto be returned to the individual, so they are no longer numb, so they have their full energy, personality and juiciness of life back. This is why the soul retrieval process is so important – my teacher used to say it was equivalent to five years of therapy! It is simply not sufficient to heal the trauma of what happened to a person, the process needs to be completed by soul retrieval so that the person is not only healed of the trauma but returned to wholeness. And we don’t have to suffer a huge shock to suffer soul loss either. Soul loss often occurs between the ages of 1- 10 years as a result of emotional or physical trauma, fear, sadness, fright or accident. For example, we have all seen how children act as if they are indestructible and the world is a safe place, but if this notion is challenged – for example, they have an accident, or a parent leaves, it is a shock and not only causes soul loss but also sets up a pattern of soul loss which can continue throughout life. Soul loss can of course occur later in life, but it is also important to understand that soul loss from past lives can also affect us (even if we don’t believe in past lives!). So we may have a perfect life in this lifetime, but we may feel lost, like something is missing, or like we are always searching for something because of soul loss that occurred as a result of trauma in past lives. Additionally, I have seen many instances of soul loss upon incarnation – as if part of us decided not to come here after all and returned home!

The soul retrieval process is very easy for the client – in fact they don’t need to do Soul Retrieval- a return to wholenessanything at all other than relax. I use hypnotherapy techniques to visit the ‘lower world’ the place in the subconscious where the soul parts go to feel safe. The first thing I do when arriving in this dimension is to heal the wounded soul part. Then it is necessary to break any unhelpful contracts (beliefs that are made in times of great emotional distress), before finding the healed soul part. The healed soul part normally helps me to find a gift for the client – something that is going to help them move forward and often a power animal (a power ally which brings its particular characteristics to the client) is brought back to the client to help them on the their healing journey.

These three aspects, the healed soul part, the gift and the power animal is returned to the energy body or ‘aura’ – putting it another way, the juicy segments of the orange are put back into the orange skin. This process is vital, it enhances protection and energy levels, boosts the immune system and returns qualities and power to the person that they may have been without for many years – or lifetimes. To give another example, imagine a child of around five who experiences soul loss – as this person grows into an adult and parent, they may complain of being unable to relate to their children, unsure of how to play with them. This is because their childlike self has been lost as a result of soul loss. When the childlike, playful self is returned, they suddenly the client finds that they can have a completely different relationship with their own children and feel not only able to play with them but also know how to bring play into their own lives. So soul retrieval is a highly beneficial process and I have not come across a person yet who has not needed it! It is important to understand though that the soul parts leave for a reason. Therefore, the initial trauma needs to be healed before the soul retrieval can be done. Putting it another way, imagine a child runs away from home because they are unhappy about something. If I go find them and return them to the home without anything changing, the likelihood is that they will run away again. So soul parts want to come back to a happy home, which is what we create within the person when we heal the initial trauma. Additionally, I often find that when the healing work has been done, the soul part is so eager to return to the person they often come to find me and there is no risk of them leaving the client again.
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