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Over the years, countless people have asked me for help with panic attacks. Panic, or anxiety attacks are highly unpleasant, we sweat and shake, our hearts go crazy, we feel unable to breathe and we feel dizzy and highly anxious. Often, panic attacks can arise from nowhere and can pounce when we are feeling fine, when things are actually going well, and we struggle to understand what triggered them off. However panic attacks are often misunderstood and seen as negative occurrences when in fact I believe they are positive occurrences. I suffered from panic attacks myself for many years, so I am not underestimating how intense and scary they can be. Through my work worldwide as a hypnotherapist, I have found that panic attacks are in fact intense healing episodes. If you’ve noticed the timing of panic attacks, you may recognize that we don’t actually suffer them when we are going through times of stress or trauma, they often occur after -often years after – the period of trauma or emotional upheaval has passed. In fact they normally occur when we have started to feel happier, when we are moving forward with our lives, which serves to make them even more confusing! What is actually occurring is that the body is taking advantage of the fact that you are in a happier place by releasing the trapped energy and emotion of past trauma. I have recognised through my work that the body is highly intelligent and opportunistic and it will take any opportunity to heal that it can. Your body knows that holding onto the effects of past trauma is not healthy for you, therefore, it triggers a panic attack which allows the intense energy and emotion of the past that is trapped within to be released.

I have helped many people to heal from panic attacks – the attacks aren’t anything that  healing in themselves we stop them occurring by healing any difficult past experiences, clearing any heavy energy resulting from these experiences from the energy body , and returning a person to wholeness through power retrieval and soul retrieval practices Once this work is complete, then the panic attacks cease as the hypnotherapy work has already cleared the emotional and energetic ‘debris.’ What I have also noticed with clients suffering from panic attacks is that they develop severe anxiety about actually having a panic attack – which in a way negates the benefit of panic attacks as the client is storing up more emotional and energetic ‘debris’ which will have to be cleared by the body at some point in the future – normally by having….yes, you’ve guessed it, a panic attack! So the best thing to do is try to understand that panic attacks – although unpleasant – are just your body’s way of healing itself, they are a sign that you would benefit from doing some personal healing work. It is important to remember that panic attacks do not arise when we are stressed, and that they can be managed. Those of you who have had panic attacks will recognise the signs that one is on its way. The best thing to do in this instance is to first of all accept that this is a positive thing, secondly, the best thing is to try to relax – to not get panicked about the panic attack. If it happens, it will pass, normally quite quickly. You can help it to pass more easily by regulating your breathing. There is a technique I teach my clients to use which I call the ‘Mind breath.’ It’s quite easy, you breathe in to the count of seven, hold the breath for the count of seven, breathe out for the count of seven, hold for the count of seven. Alternatively, you can practice a short, slow breath in through the nose and then breathe out sloooooowly, for as long as you can, until your lungs are empty, then the shortest possible breath in, the out slooooowly -try to breathe out counting to eight or ten. To book an appointment with Lazzaro at the International Healing Clinic call: 604 202 7938

When we panic we breathe very quickly and shallowly into our upper lungs. This makes the panic attack much worse as the breath indicates to the body that there is something to be very worried about! But if you have ever watched a baby sleeping, you will see that its tummy, not its chest, goes up and down. When we breathe low into our abdomen, it tricks the body into feeling reassured that everything is ok, so using breathing techniques can help reduce or stop a panic attack in its tracks. However, please remember that the panic attack arose for a reason therefore even if you prevent the panic attack from occurring you should make arrangements to heal any past issues or difficult experiences as quickly as possible. If I can assist you on your healing journey, please do not hesitate to call 604 202 7938.


To book an appointment with Lazzaro at the International Healing Clinic call: 604 202 7938